Cropped and Fringe

We have been teased with 60°F weather for the last two weeks and it has me wanting to bask in the sun every day even though everything still looks brown outside. I seem to be leaving my winter coat hanging untouched in my closet and wearing shoes that wouldn’t survive winter. The warm weather has definitely affected how I dress every day. However, the only sun rays I get are when I’m driving to work because of my odd schedule. 



* Photo from 7 year old photography skills

This week I got the chance to set up a quick studio session at home so I could shoot more frequently and not have the sun or weather be an issue with producing posts. Another thing I wanted with this studio set up is to be able to work on developing better in studio shoots for future projects. I love how clean and crisp studio shots are. I don’t have an assistant or consistent photographer so I always recruit someone in the family to take my photos and this time around it happened to be my sister-in-law and my 7-year old niece!

Fringe_2 copy


I have been loving these jeans that I DIYed about a month ago. I wear them about every week but they are cropped so I like to pair them with ankle boots that are a little taller. Then digging through my closet, I found this tank that I adored over the summer because it’s simple but still interesting with the straps.  It also is super soft so I threw that on obviously. I like to tuck in a lot of my tops so there is a clear distinction where my torso ends. I feel like it makes me look taller and my shape is more defined especially with pieces that are looser. Since the weather is still sweater weather, I added a fringe knit cardigan on top to keep me sort of warm…

Outfit Details

//Cardigan: Hollister

//Tank: Target

//Jeans: DIY, thrifted

//Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Warmly, signature

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