Gray Is Color

I’ve been finding it hard to add color into my wardrobe because everything is so gloomy during the winter. Sunny days are hard to come by especially since I am inside a building all day. I have to be honest that on most days I just want to stay in my warm bed. But when I have to get up to be an adult I am tempted to wear all black. To break up the black on black, I have mentioned navy and cream. I haven’t talked about using gray with black at all. 



I like to add a little gray to my outfits every now and then to contrast with black. It is not a bold color which I like and it is very easy to work with because it is so neutral. In this outfit I wore everything in black except my gray jeans. These particular jeans are from trusty Old Navy. I will have to say that wearing gray jeans can be tricky because they aren’t as flattering on the body as a pair of dark jeans. It’s essential to find a shade that you feel good in. I chose to go up a size up in my jeans for a looser fit and I felt more comfortable in that size than a smaller one.


I wanted a edgier outfit so I threw on a graphic top and one of my favorite jackets this season. I love this jacket because of the hardware and its texture. I threw on a pair of black booties and called it a day. I still like to roll up my jeans even though it’s winter because as a petite gal shorter jeans are hard to come by. My solution = roll it up.


Outfit Details

//Jacket: Stolen from my sister

//Graphic Tee: Hollister

//Jeans: Old Navy (Rockstar style)

//Boots: Charlotte Russe

//Bag: Forever21


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