A Day at the Museum

On a snow day in MN, there really is not much to do besides stomp in the snow or stay inside. My friend and I decided not to waste the day and chose to spend it at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I love going to museums because the different art work inspires and educates me. Besides the art, it also allows me to take a leisurely stroll without having to be worried about weather conditions.



This should not be a surprise to my fellow readers, but I decided to wear all black. I haven’t been inspired lately in the fashion department so I resorted to my trusty black. I sometimes fall into fashion slumps every once in a while and one of the ways I get out of those slumps is by dressing in monochromatic colors. It’s easy to wear and doesn’t require much outfit planning.



I like to use Instagram and Pinterest to help me with outfit inspiration especially in a slump. Since I chose to wear all black, I quickly scrolled through Pinterest and found lots of outfits combining camel and gray together. I paired my ensemble with a camel jacket, gray scarf, and gray beanie. The camel jacket was functional and added a warm pop of color while the gray accessories added another color of interest. I chose to also wear a pair of black faux suede thigh high boots to add texture. The boots have a small heel and that always makes me feel a little fancier.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Watch the video below to see what we did on our day at the museum.





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