A Hint of Purple

In my previous post, I mentioned styling a sweater 3 ways to show you how to get more life out of pieces that you own. My sweater is one plain color but that is what makes it versatile and easy to transition from year to year. Simple pieces are easily elevated with dressier items and styling is key to creating a different feel from the same piece.



I paired the sweater with a black mid-length vest and jeans to edge up the look. The other look was more feminine and I wanted something a little darker this time around. My style is very simple and to look more put together I added the vest to dress it up. Another thing with the vest is that it is easy to layer under a coat or jacket without adding a lot of bulk in the winter.


I also added a gunmetal knot necklace to the outfit because I felt like it needed to be a little more interesting. The necklace goes with the overall edgy look that I was trying to create without overpowering the look. I have recently been liking purple lipsticks as well. It all started with my sister getting a lilac lipgloss that she layered over her lipsticks. I tried it one day out of curiosity and loved it. I really like this dark purple lipstick because I think it creates the same mood as the dark vampy red lips everyone loves.


All photos by Mai Yang.

I have started to try different styles and looks even though I know deep down I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. If you told me a year ago that I would like purple lipstick, I would’ve thought you were out of your mind. I encourage everyone to step outside of the box as well because you never know when you might find that purple lipstick that just makes you feel like a boss. Stay tuned for my last post featuring this sweater next week!



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