Breaking Rules: Thigh High

With the slightly warmer weather, I’ve ditched my huge winter coat a couple times already. It also reminds me of all the summer days that I was able to wear a dress. Some days when it is above 35°F I am tempted to wear a dress but then again I hate being cold so I always opt out of it. I won’t be able to bask in the sun anytime soon so all I can do is reminisce about my summer days especially days where I could slip on a dress and be ready to go.



What I love about fashion is that rules can easily be broken. Someone once told me that I should not wear anything in a midi-length because it would make me look shorter (I’m 5’2″ on a good day) and I should stick to wearing shorter hemlines to show off more leg. I avoided midi-length skirts and dresses for a period of time because I believed it without ever slipping into anything midi length. Then one day I was feeling adventurous and tried on a midi-length dress. What was the verdict? I loved it on my height and actually felt that it lengthened me.



*Photos by Mai Yang

One thing I like to do with midi-length items is to accentuate the waistline. If it’s a skirt I like to wear it high waisted and if it’s a dress I like to add a shorter jacket or belt. I feel like this helps to lengthen my legs when the majority of it is covered up. For my outfit, the midi-length dress also had a thigh high slit which showed off my legs even more every time that I walked. Small details like the slit can create a huge difference in the perception of how long your legs are. I’ve really learned to wear whatever I want when I want and I believe everyone should do the same regardless of what other people think.

Outfit Details

//Jacket: H&M

//Dress: Express

//Shoes: Lulus

Warmly, signature



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