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It has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything and I feel like I’ve lost the blogging touch. Since my last hiatus, I’ve done some soul searching trying to figure out what life is really about. I’ve lost relationships and dealt with the blows that come along with that and I’ve strengthened relationships with individuals who I have lost touch with. Now I can’t imagine life without these people. Who knew being in your mid-twenties would come with having a life crisis as well?


As things are evolving in my life the one thing that has stayed consistent is my love for fashion and the color black. If you have followed my blog for some time, you’ll know how much black I wear. I used to be daring with colors and prints but with time I’ve grown attached to blacks, grays, and whites. Simple hues with interesting details really make the outfits for me.

I recently attended as a plus one to a fashion event with my awesome friend, Mai, who I have enlisted as my photographer. She will be the rockstar behind many of the photos to come on this blog. Please visit her on her tumblr.


For this look I decided to turn a black trench coat into a wrap dress. The trench coat is made of a thinner material and has a tie around the waist making it really simple to turn it into a dress. There sadly were no buttons so I paired a black dress underneath just incase the knot became undone. I did not want any fashion tragedies happening whatsoever.



I really liked that the trench had lapels (which is hard to see in the photos) because it offers a more sophisticated look. I haven’t been able to find a wrap dress that I’ve liked at all and perhaps that was what was missing. I paired it with my go-to gold bracelet and a small white clutch to contrast against my black ensemble. I also played with a little color by adding a coral/orange lip. My next challenge in fashion is to find a daringly beautiful color piece that I’ll wear more than once and show you all how I wear color.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please look for future posts as I travel through self-discovery.

Warmly, Signature-page-001 (1)

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  1. Pa Chia, you are fabulous and effortlessly chic! You styled your clothes so well- and I love your coral lip! Mai Tong did such a great job capturing your natural beauty! Keep it up! <3

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