Feelin’ My Jeans

My photographer was home for Spring Break and I got to use him for my last post. Sadly he is now gone and I braved myself for taking my own photos. When he originally left in September I was skeptical about taking my own photos and the few times that I did try, they did not work out. I’m always awkward in front of other people when taking pictures and I know I can’t always ask someone to be my photographer. This time with a little more patience I think I did a good job. Whoever put a timer in a camera is a genius!



On Sunday, all the girls in the family went shopping for winter jackets. Yes. Winter jackets. I knew we were going to be shopping for a long time and wanted to dress comfortably. My parents are going on vacation to Thailand in a couple months and a close relative requested jackets for her family. We shopped for about 4 hours combing through clearance racks and left with 3 jackets for about $40!



I don’t know about you guys but skinny jeans just aren’t cutting it for me anymore. I’ve been reaching for my boyfriend jeans regularly because they are roomy and make my outfits a lot more laid back. I found these high waisted straight jeans at Old Navy for a steal. They were only $7 in-store! I’ve had a few Rockstar jeans from ON and loved the fit. I gave these a try and I’m glad that I did. They aren’t the most flattering on my booty (definitely MOM jean-ing it) but they are so comfortable. I paired the top with a graphic tee from ON and a cobalt blue bag for some color. If you aren’t a fan of wearing bright colors, I would recommend trying out bright accessories especially for spring. To top it all off, I thought a little athletic vibe would work well and wore sneakers. Comfort is what I am all about!


Jacket: Hollister

Graphic Tee: Old Navy

Jeans: Old Navy (similar)

Bag: Borrowed from my sister’s closet.

Warmly, Signature-page-001 (1)

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