A Little Refresher


In the past few months, I have gone through a lot of changes personally, creatively, and professionally. I took some time off of work to focus on answering the WHYs behind many of the decisions I have made. Some of them revolved around why I was working my job and why I wanted to pursue styling at all. I was tired of going through my unexciting and honestly unrewarding work weeks where I didn’t feel like I had a purpose or impact. 

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Breaking Rules: Thigh High


With the slightly warmer weather, I’ve ditched my huge winter coat a couple times already. It also reminds me of all the summer days that I was able to wear a dress. Some days when it is above 35°F I am tempted to wear a dress but then again I hate being cold so I always opt out of it. I won’t be able to bask in the sun anytime soon so all I can do is reminisce about my summer days especially days where I could slip on a dress and be ready to go.

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Gray Is Color


I’ve been finding it hard to add color into my wardrobe because everything is so gloomy during the winter. Sunny days are hard to come by especially since I am inside a building all day. I have to be honest that on most days I just want to stay in my warm bed. But when I have to get up to be an adult I am tempted to wear all black. To break up the black on black, I have mentioned navy and cream. I haven’t talked about using gray with black at all. 

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