Button Ups Are My Jam


There are days when I wake up and I am just frustrated. I don’t feel like my skin is at its best and everything I wear seems to just not make me feel like a boss. Ladies who are reading this know what I mean. There are THE outfits that make you feel like you could own the world. In these little outfit slumps, I like to resort to my button ups.

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All Shades of Blue


WORK. Most of us go to a job 5 out of 7 days a week and it can take up a lot of our time. Sometimes we don’t expect it to inspire us because work can definitely become a routine especially if you do the same things every day.  But last week as I was prepping for a visit from the big boss, it made me pay closer attention to the color blocks in each area. A corner of the store is called the indigo corner with t-shirts, button ups, and denim in all shades of blue. It definitely caught my eye and all this week I’ve been dressing up in blue.

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What I Wore In 2015


With a new year, I wanted a new start to my blog. With a couple technical issues, my blog became nonexistent and then the holiday season rolled around. Before I knew it,  a new year had started and everything on my blog somehow got deleted. All bloggers know to back up their site but me being me, I figured that could never happen to me. After a few weeks of relearning how to create a website, I am finally happy to relaunch my blog.

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