Frayed and Close to Home


A few weeks ago I was gifted a pair of Calvin Klein jeans from Mai. She thrifted the jeans and they weren’t a good fit for her so they fell into my hands. The jeans fit nicely except the cut was a little dated so I decided it was the perfect time for a DIY. Jeans with frayed hems have been around for a few seasons now but I could never find a pair that fit nicely length wise.

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A Day at the Museum


On a snow day in MN, there really is not much to do besides stomp in the snow or stay inside. My friend and I decided not to waste the day and chose to spend it at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I love going to museums because the different art work inspires and educates me. Besides the art, it also allows me to take a leisurely stroll without having to be worried about weather conditions.

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Still Skirting


Skirts have been on my radar lately even though the weather in MN has slowly started to dip. I don’t just want any plain old skirt either even though they are handy; I like skirts that have a little character to them similar to the one that I chose to wear which has a full length zipper (and yes…it zips all the way down so be careful ladies around those obnoxious but loving friends you have). In order for the skirt to not be too trendy I always aim for basic colors like my trusty black.

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