A Day at the Museum


On a snow day in MN, there really is not much to do besides stomp in the snow or stay inside. My friend and I decided not to waste the day and chose to spend it at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I love going to museums because the different art work inspires and educates me. Besides the art, it also allows me to take a leisurely stroll without having to be worried about weather conditions.

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Going Casual


This round of photos featuring this sweater is a true representation of how I would wear it normally. With my minimalistic and casual style, I like to wear things as is and not fuss too much about how I look. I attribute my casual style to my laziness. I’m the type of girl that likes to throw on a shirt and a pair of jeans and call it a day. Layering with different pieces and experimenting with color is fun but not something that I would reach for on a daily basis.

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A Hint of Purple


In my previous post, I mentioned styling a sweater 3 ways to show you how to get more life out of pieces that you own. My sweater is one plain color but that is what makes it versatile and easy to transition from year to year. Simple pieces are easily elevated with dressier items and styling is key to creating a different feel from the same piece.

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