I used to be a shoe collector (or hoarder) when I was younger. I don’t know what it is about shoes. They get me every time I am in the store. There is just a magnetic pull. Those who have shoe addictions know what I am talking about. I thought it would a great idea to show my appreciation for shoes by shooting them for a styling project. Mai from ( was my photographer and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. 

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Envision Spring 2016 Fashion Show


Last Saturday, I went to the Envision Spring 2016 Fashion Show with my long time friend, Mai. Please show her some love at her site! Envision showcases local talent in Minnesota and allows fashionistas to get together. I love attending these shows to see the creative minds of local designers, people watching, and picking up on trends.

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Feelin’ My Jeans


My photographer was home for Spring Break and I got to use him for my last post. Sadly he is now gone and I braved myself for taking my own photos. When he originally left in September I was skeptical about taking my own photos and the few times that I did try, they did not work out. I’m always awkward in front of other people when taking pictures and I know I can’t always ask someone to be my photographer. This time with a little more patience I think I did a good job. Whoever put a timer in a camera is a genius!

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